Being a full service supplier, we provide a large variety of engineering services from basic feasibility studies through CAD/CAE design to prototyping and testing, as an individual service or as part of a complete development project. 

Our experienced internal design team can participate in entire development project but also can support customers with minor design modifications. Besides CAD software, we use various CAE / FEA tools, such as moldflow, or different mechanical analysis tools. In cooperation with our contracted and automotive-certified external partners, we can provide more complex and multi-physics analyses as well. We are proud to be main design responsible of several successful interior airvent projects of the past years and helping our customers with smart design solutions in other fields as well. We are committed to be a strong development partner for our customers, ready for challenges of the changing automotive industry.


Changing environment – for example the shift towards different EV solutions in the automotive industry – increased the importance of the speed and efficiency of new developments. Thanks to our internal capabilities and external partnership network, we are able to support our customers with fully functional, injection-molded prototypes with an exceptional lead-time. We can provide prototypes produced of the OEM approved serial materials, up to 2000pcs tool lifetime guarantee and with an average of 4-8 weeks lead-time.


3D printing became a regular tool in our life to support product and process development as well as manufacturing. Besides our external partners, we own several FDM machines, largest one with a 1x1x0.5m workplace. Thanks to this equipment, we are able to design and validate various manufacturing jig concepts in an early phase of a project, but can also support our production with serial fixtures and jigs.

Our internal quality lab is equipped with CMM machines, GOM 3D scanner, heat chamber and several tailor made test equipment. As part of design verification and product validation processes we are capable to conduct various tests in-house, such as short- and long-term heat aging, heat aging with humidity settings, heat aging in chemicals (e.g. coolant liquid) customized fatigue tests, manipulation force analysis by six axes robot. For more complex and system level tests, we cooperate with accredited local and international laboratories.


One of our biggest advantage is our internal tool shop that besides the major maintenance and repair of the running serial tools is also capable to design and manufacture complete new tools – from simple prototype molds to the most complex, 2-component index plate serial molds.
Internal tool shop is also responsible for optimization of the molds during production implementation phase, which is an efficient way to shorten development lead-time. 
To expand our capacity and shorten lead-time further in some cases, we have long-term cooperation with a few local and international toolmakers as well. 
Thanks to our experienced tooling engineers and refined internal standards, we can always provide the most suitable way for our customers. Independently of the selected manufacturing location, each mold will pass our hand over protocol in the internal tool shop, ensuring proper mold quality before first trials in our company.

Recognizing the importance of the highly automated production processes, we established our own automation development team a few years ago. This talented team of young engineers and experienced leaders is now responsible for all automation projects in the company, from the injection mold shop to the assembly. We can follow different strategies, from complete outsourcing through cooperation to the entirely own designed and manufactured solutions. The team and the related internal processes ensure that automation requirements are taken into consideration already from the product design phase. We are committed to the continuous development and believe in the advantage of keeping the key knowhow of the automation in-house.


High spec engineering materials get more and more importance nowadays. They play an important role in light weighting, fire protection and resistance to various hazardous materials. We have experience of wide range of materials – which sometimes are very difficult to process in a proper way. We can find different V0 grades, high heat resistant PPS grades and different specially modified PA grades in our production. We successfully adopted our ultrasonic welding process to the challenging PPS material and we are proud to have these products running on our automated assembly lines. Looking into the future and believing that light weighting in the EV era will be more important than ever before, we participate in on-going development projects with customers, as well as independently with our raw material partners.

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