Our 40+ injection molding machine park is growing and improving every year, to adopt to changing demands and ensure efficiency. We provide solutions for the simplest single component moldings as well as for the highly automated, custom tailored complex production units. 

Although most of our regular horizontal machines are capable for insert molding, we invested in seven new Fanuc machines from 150T to 450T to fit our precise and high runner insert molding requirements. These machines are far more than simple injection machines, they are equipped with multiple six axes robots to support our state of the art insert molding production units. These units are capable for complex component and product handling at a high level, with minimum human interaction needed.


For the most complex, multi-insert products, we use a 270T Wittmann-Battenfeld vertical injection-molding machine. We are proud to say that this machine is unique in the region not only by size – biggest press ton size standard machine available on the market – but also by the automation level. It is equipped with a 1,7m diameter rotary table that allows for duplicated core side tools. This layout ensures a very effective process, while there is an injection cycle at one side, robot can still fill up inserts on the other side. The assigned robotized feeding system is equipped with camera controls and can handle and feed up to 25 small inserts at the same time.


Currently we have an 8-machines fleet of two components machines, which expects to grow in the coming years. We use index plate for the smaller and robot transfer method for the larger products. Every machine is equipped with robot, the transfer method molds have sophisticated – own designed – robot jigs to ensure proper part handling in the mold.


We have 24 horizontal machines from 40T to 500T dedicated to conventional single component injection molding. All our machines are equipped with robot to facilitate product handling. We improve continuously our machinery and equipment – such as driers and temperature control units – to provide stable quality performance and keep up with developing industrial requirements. 


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