Focusing on added value, majority of our products is assembled. Our capabilities moves in a wide range, from simple, one-step manual process next to the injection machine, to the independent, full automated, high runner lines; including feeding, ultrasonic welding, assembly, labelling and packaging.  

We have long years of experience in ultrasonic welding of fluid cooling and heating system components. As a main application area, the ultrasonic welding is a key process step of our quick connector production, where we use state of the art, own-developed semi- and full automatic assembly units. The accurate and on-line process control is key for the efficient production.

If the product design requires we use heat staking to eliminate extra hardware or complex plastic clipping. This is a simple, yet robust way to fix plastic parts together. Most typical application in our production is to fix huge airvent fascias permanently.


Hot stamping is a favorable decoration method against traditional, but less environmental friendly solutions like chrome plating. We are proud to have our own 3D hot stamping unit, which is exceptional in our region. Along with more conventional 2D hot stamping, this device allow us to manufacture more complex shape decorative components, which are very popular for some interior products.


To ensure stable quality and maintain resources, we emphasize automation of our assembly processes. Depending on the scale of the production, we use semi- and full automatic assembly solution in almost every product segments.


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